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Why Main Street?

Main Street was created by Ed, the digital guru, and a team of creative professionals who have won number of awards in film & television.  They also designed websites and content for years under different banners. When WIX asked them to become a partner they knew it was an opportunity to help small and medium sized businesses reach their potential.  So they drew up Main Street from scratch to meet those needs.


Ed and the Main Street crew made a commitment to offer amazing services at awesome prices. We believe that what you offer adds to the richness and diversity of the digital world. We ask for the opportunity to help you shine.

More about us

Why does Main Street use Wix?

WIX is an awesome platform that hosts millions of sites and uses the latest technology to make websites safe, efficient, and exciting.

Is Main Street a WIX Partner?

We are a WIX partner. That means we have access to cool and helpful resources directly from WIX. This ensures your experience is top notch.

Why should I trust Main Street?

Main Street is led by a team of professionals who have years of experience in web design, television and film. We've worked with big corporations like Johnson & Johson and PwC. We've also worked for small businesses and not for profits. We've even filmed on location with Angelina Jolie, Michael Douglas, Tim Burton, Aretha Frankiln, and many other big names. We have smarts, a tremendous amount of creativity, and solid sense of the marketplace.

Will you know my business and what it needs?

We not only run a small business, we work with lots of businesses from mom and pop stores on Main Street to Fortune 100 companies on Wall Street. We know our business.

Can we afford to be on Main Street?

We created Main Street Media & Marketing to be there for all kinds of businesses. Whether you're a two person shop, a large medical practice or an artist, we design packages that fit your current budget and give you the felxibilty to grow. You only pay for what you need now. We also offer pay over time options so you can manage your cash flow.

How does Main Street create such awesome websites?

We use our savvy design sense to create rich content that shows off how great you are. We feature video, graphics and photography that makes your site pop. Our original produced content is award winning and our sense of style attracts and keeps visitors.

Will Main Street give us a unique website?

Not every business is the same so we custom make everything from logos to full blown sites. We want you to stand out.

How will Main Street bring us new customers?

We make it easier for you to engage your customers with email marketing, social media and targeted SEO. We can also give you great practical advice on how to best to market yourself and reach new customers.

Can we sell our goods and services on our Main Street website?

Yes, open a store on Main Street! We’ll create an awesome store tailored for your site and advise you on super sales and marketing approaches.

How do we give you feedback and approve the work?

We not only love to collaborate, we need to! In order to create something wonderful we need to work with you. So we offer a fantastic feedback tool. After we get your initial thoughts and draft a site, you just click and comment right on your website with our easy to use feedback tool.

Why Main Street?

We want you to succeed. We are not building you a website. We are building your business.

Do you work on small projects?

Yes! We are here to help with everything you need. We love the smallest tasks. We can help you cross of those items on your to-do list. Logos, SEO optimization, tweaking your content, social ads, and housekeeping are all part of our mission to make you shine.